Mt. Fuji


From 11,900 yen

Dignified figure of Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan which has been designated as a World Heritage, is depicted on the surface. The sole uses a material with a steady grip.

LL: 26-27 cm 
Strap: polyester; Insole: canvas (print); Outsole: black rubber


Item Name Item Code Price (incl. tax) Size Cart

Mt Fuji at Night

Mt Fuji at Night / LL
夜富士 / LL
B2430 11,900 yen

Mt. Fuji with Waves

Mt. Fuji with Waves / LL
波富士 / LL
B2431 11,900 yen

Mt. Fuji with Snow

Mt. Fuji with Snow / LL
雪富士 / LL
R2433 11,900 yen

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