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New Release

All Leather

Cool and stylish Setta design patching together cowhide in different colors.

Japanese Tatami

The Japanese rush insole fits to the feet comfortably and is great as summer footwear.

Stripe Hemp

Avant-garde design hemp Setta with hemp fabric in different colors.

Mt Fuji

Dignified figure of Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan & a World Heritage is depicted.

Recommended Items

Tatami and Saya Pattern

Traditional Japanese rush material and classical pattern for the strap.

JAPAN Denim and Saya Pattern

A new-style Setta using exclusively Japanese made denim for insole.

Black Mule for Women

A classical black Setta with thick sole resembling traditional Japanese clogs "geta."

Sakura Pattern Mule

A thick-sole Setta; Black insole emphasizes bright color of the strap.

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