About Setta
Q ) How can I choose my size?
A ) Select the same size as your ordinary shoe size. Traditionally, the way to wear Setta is to allow your heel to slightly (1-3 cm) protrude out over the Setta heel. This way was considered to be elegant and cool (read “What is Setta?” page for more information). Please refer to the Size Chart to check the size → Go to Size Chart >>>
Q ) How can I take care of a Setta?
A ) Since Setta don’t have any material covering and use natural materials and dyed fabric, some may have a weak resistance to water and the color might fade. When the strap, insole and outsole get dirty with soil or mud, wipe the surface with a damp cloth after firmly squeezing out any water. Then, dry them in the shade. When the leather outsole gets wet, cover the Setta with newspaper and allow the water to be absorbed.
When the Setta using PU (urethane) are left unworn for a long period of time, it could cause hydrolytic cleavage and the material might crumble.
Q ) Can I wear Setta on a rainy day?
A ) Setta have a very weak resistance to water. Please refrain from wearing them on a rainy day. If the Setta get wet, dry them immediately otherwise they could become moldy.
Q ) How long does a pair of Setta last?
A ) Durability of a pair of Setta largely depends on the intended purpose and frequency of use, so we can't give a consistent answer.
Q ) Can I get my Setta repaired?
A ) We don't accept Setta for repair. However if the item you receive is defective, we will arrange to send a new item. Please note that we accept enquiries about defective items only within 7 days from receipt. Please contact us at: info@yamatokobo.com
About Shopping
Q ) I don't know how to order.
A ) Please read the Shopping Guide → http://yamatokobo.com/guide >>
Q ) Do you accept return and exchange?
A ) Extreme care is taken with each order, but if the wrong item is shipped or the item you receive is defective, please contact us at: info@yamatokobo.com
Our staff will contact you as soon as possible. Please note that we accept enquiries about wrongly shipped and defective items only within 7 days from receipt.

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