What is Setta?

To learn all about Setta, click the link below and educational information about Setta will open (PDF format).

Yamato Kobo’s original Setta feature a functional cushion in the insole. The cushion will reduce impact to the heel and avoid blisters on your feet while walking.
Tatami is a word for the traditional Japanese floor mat made of rush. Natural rush touches your feet comfortably and gives a refreshing feeling. Durable rush is woven by hand so the Setta will become firm and resilient naturally.
Inden is the word deriving from a type of decorative leather from India which was imported by the East India Company in the 17th century, during the time when trade between Japan, Spain and Portuguese flourished. The leather was called “Indea Leather”. “Inden” is an abbreviation of the meaning ‘coming from India.’
Kakishibu is persimmon tannin. The Setta is dyed with persimmon juice squeezed from unripe persimmons. Persimmon tannin has an antibacterial effect.
World-famous quality denim produced in Kurashiki City, Okayama, is called JAPAN Denim. Denim made with Japanese material and techniques are incredibly durable. The longer they are worn, the more appealing their color becomes.
Hand-woven Hemp
Hemp is one of the most ancient fabric materials in history. People wove fabric using this plant fiber since the ancient Egyptian period. Hemp has developed alongside human history. In Nara’s important Shoso-in Repository, some valuable hemp articles remain from the Nara period (710-794) including official costumes worn by aristocrats and the warrior class as well as daily clothing for the general public.

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